PROtech Isolation Gown

Reusable isolation gown with elastic cuffs and a tie neck closure designed for efficient donning and doffing. Constructed from varying poly-cotton blends certified and tested for class barrier protection levels. Sterile manufacturing and packaging process, delivered ready-to-use.

SIZING:        one size
CLASS:         class 1     class 2     class 3     class 4
Product Specifications

Material: 60% polyester, 40% cotton

Neck Closure: tie

Cuff Closure: elastic 

Typical Lifetime: 50 washes

Note: reusable isolation gowns should be regularly monitored for cuts or rips according to medical industry standards.

Testing & Certifications

AATCC 42 Tested (Water Resistance - Impact Penetration)

AATCC 127 Tested (Water Resistance - Hydrostatic Pressure)

Note: the materials used in PROtech isolation gowns are tested to meet Health Canada's standards for class 1, class 2, class 3, and class 4 gowns.

Ordering Process
  1. Submit an ordering inquiry indicating 'isolation gown' as the product. Please indicate desired class and quantity in the message field to receive a complete quote

  2. Our PROtech sales team will reach out within 24-hrs with a quote, order form, and delivery timeline for your review.

  3. Your dedicated PROtech sales representative will go over any questions you may have, finalize your order, and provide shipment tracking details.


Please note that colour and size availability may be limited as our focus at PROtech is to increase our production efficiency to meet increased demand during the pandemic.We are prioritizing order for front-line essential workers and currently are not servicing the general public.

Our sales representatives will respond to your order inquiries with available stock. If our available stock does not meet your needs, our sales representative will provide timelines for 'made to order' options.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


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